The best dog food is tailor-made

Really. We even won the Best Product of the Year award with it. That’s the power of food that gives your dog all the nutrients HE needs, not the neighbour’s.

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What is the best dog food for my dog?

The ‘best’ – that’s what every brand claims to be. Even if it’s not. That’s why we prefer not to just say so, but give good reasons:
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Your dog in the spotlight

At Just Russel, your dog and his health are number one. That’s why we make tailor-made dog food on the basis of his needs. After all, a 12-year-old chihuahua female is not a 3-year-old Bernese male, right?

Created by veterinarians

They know what is best for your pet, don’t they? Our expert team analyses the needs of each dog like yours. Then they prepare a unique recipe with fresh ingredients for the longest and healthiest dog life.
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Good for your wallet

Who says healthy dog food has to be expensive? Because we work without middlemen – unlike pet shops – you can buy premium dog food up to 30% cheaper with us. Without sacrificing taste or quality.

The best food for your dog

You are 3 steps away from a dog’s life full of joy and health. What are you waiting for?
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Tell us what we need to know about your dog


We determine the nutrients

Food is delivered to your home

We make your food and deliver it to your front door

The best dog food, the best service

At Just Russel, it’s all hands on deck. At the helm are our vets and customer service to help you manage your dog’s health. A question or concern? Our experts listen with pricked ears and give nutritional advice you can really use. We can be reached between Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Up to 30% cheaper

compared to other premium brands

Only natural

High-quality ingredients of natural origin

Made in Belgium

Our ingredients are sourced from local producers

Free home delivery

No shipping costs, we deliver free to your front door.

The best dog food is 100% clutter-free

The best dog food that makes your dog energetic and healthy. Not lifeless, fat and sick. That’s why at Just Russel we avoid unhealthy fattening foods and distasteful bone meal, and you can leave all kinds of allergens out of your dog food.
Abby met doos JR
Fantastic service, super friendly people and price-quality really the best we have had in terms of food for Abby! Very happy with it and it takes away a lot of the hassle of never having to think about getting food. It just arrives at your door on time every month! I love it!
Melanie C.
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After trying more than 10 different brands, Just Russel is the first brand that our puppy does not have saggy bowel movements with! Now she can finally thicken and strengthen. I also find it super easy to order the food. You really notice that you guys value customer service!
Ruth V.D.
Hond poseert met zak
Our puppy with multiple allergies tolerates Just Russell’s food perfectly. She is feasting like never before and the personalised bags are a nice extra. Finally found a solution completely tailored to her. We are big fans!
Hermien D.

What else you need to know about the best dog food

The best dog food for puppies contains enough calories for growth energy, the right calcium-to-phosphorus ratio for a strong skeleton and contains between 22 and 32% animal proteins.

Puppy food has to ensure that your puppy grows optimally, so its bones, muscles and organs develop into a strong, healthy body. Is your puppy growing too fast? That can cause painful joint problems in adulthood.

Have your puppy food tailored to your puppy so he gets the right nutrition per growth stage. We will help you with personalised puppy food, discover your personal recipe by clicking here.

The best dog food for adult dogs is wheat- and corn-free and contains:

– at least 33% fresh meat or fish
– a minimum of 25% animal protein
– a minimum of 10% crude fat
– a maximum of 5% crude fibre

If you want to know the perfect composition of dog food for your adult dog, you can let us calculate it for free. Discover it here.

The best senior dog food contains comparatively fewer calories for a quieter lifestyle and plenty of chondroitin and glucosamine against joint wear and tear

In addition, the best senior dog food is also extremely easy to digest. This allows him to still get enough nutrients from his food despite a slowed metabolism.

Curious about the best composition dog food specifically for your senior dog? Fil in 10 questions about your pet here and discover it.

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