Tailor-made cat food to lick off your whiskers

Forget cat food that sits on a shop shelf for months losing flavour. Because finally there is fresh cat food, made to order. 100% according to your cat’s taste and needs.

Up to 30% cheaper

In comparison with other premium brands.

Only natural

High-quality ingredients of natural origin.

Made in Belgium

Our ingredients are sourced from local producers.

Free home delivery

No shipping costs we deliver free to your front door.

Doesn’t your cat get wild about her food? Obviously.

Traditional cat food has been made from unhealthy, cheap ingredients for 50 years, such as grain and bone meal. This is because producers think about their wallets first and your cat’s needs second. So ditch the supermarket brands and go for taste, health and the convenience of free home delivery.

Cat food made for your cat
and you as the owner

Each cat its own recipe, made by vets. That is the strength of our concept and why thousands of Belgian cats enjoy their food again.

Your cat eats with pleasure

Our vets use only nutritious, natural ingredients, such as fresh salmon or juicy chicken.No preservatives or added flavourings! So your cat eats exceptionally delicious food every day.

You’ll never run out of food again

Our smart tool calculates how much your cat eats every day. So it knows exactly when its cat food will run out. So we can deliver a new order of kibble exactly when you need it. And your cat never has to go hungry.
Dierenarts geeft virtueel consult bij just russel

You get help caring for your cat

Caring for your cat is great, but sometimes difficult. Does she suddenly no longer want to eat or is suffering from intestinal or fur problems? Then you can visit our vets for free advice and tips.

You have more time for your cat

Going to work, coming home, cooking, washing, peeing. As a cat owner, on top of that: going to the pet shop and sometimes the vet. To save you extra hassle, you can order everything for your cat online , such as food, healthy snacks, fun toys, or even cat litter.

Get your cat food put together in 1-2-3


Tell us everything we need to know about your cat


Our vets prepare a tasty recipe


You get your fresh food delivered to your door for free

Traditional food US. Just Russel cat food

cat food

Every cat the same food
Inflammation caused by vegetable oils
Allergy due to soy, gluten, lactose…
Little taste after months on a shop shelf
Cheap fattening foods such as grain
Back and forth to the pet shop

Just Russel
customised cat food

Unique recipe tailored to your cat
Anti-inflammatory salmon oil
Hypoallergenic composition
Freshly made to order
Real ingredients such as fresh fish
Free home delivery

A taste of the ingredients

What ingredients will your cat enjoy with her personalised cat kibble from Just Russel? We list a few for you:
Kip als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Important protein source with calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth
Zalm als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
Kalkoen als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Nutritionally rich with protein, vitamin B and minerals for healthy growth
Witte rijst als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding

White rice

For natural and healthy fibres
Groene erwten als ingrediënt in hondenvoeding

Green peas

A source of vitamins, packed with minerals and rich in protein and fibre


Superfood for younger skin and protection against cell damage
Bruine rijst voor hondenvoeding

Brown rice

High-quality carbohydrates for energy and vitamin B for healthy metabolism


Rich in vitamin K, folic acid and iron for healthy blood formation and growth

Antarctic krill

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain development and heart health
Visolie als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding

Fish oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy heart and brain function
Lijnzaad voor hondenvoeding


For healthy digestion and shiny coat


Superfood with antioxidants for a healthy immune system

Beet pulp

For good consistency of your cat’s stools
Geen kunstmatige toevoegingen in hondenvoeding

No artificial additives

Because that’s how it should be in any diet
Broccoli als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


For strong bones and higher bone density
Kat Bruce
We have not been using Just Russel’s cat food for very long, but so far we are very satisfied. Our cat visibly likes the food! The service is fantastic and the system is also super convenient. You are automatically sent a new bag when the current one is almost empty, very nice and handy!
Cynthia V.
Alvaro heeft een mooiere vacht
I was a bit sceptical at first, but my cat immediately loved the new food and started eating it right away. I noticed he had more energy and his coat shined more than before. However, the most striking thing was that he now always finishes his bowl, which was not always the case before.
Dirk M.
Zizou heeft een beter gewicht
It amazes me how big of an impact your food has had on my cat’s health. She always suffered from being overweight, but since we switched to Just Russel, she has reached a healthy weight for the first time. The included measuring cup also ensures that you can give exactly the right portion, super easy!
Emilie A.

10,889 healthy pets already thanks to a personalized feeding plan