Supervised care for your pet with an online veterinarian

Caring for your dog or cat is great, but sometimes brings uncertainty and doubt. That is why all Just Russel family members can contact our vets for free online or through the phone for nutritional advice

Veterinarian Joy helps with your dog or cat's problem

Unlimited nutritional advice

Allergy, overweight or a picky eater? You can ask us anything!

Speak to an animal expert online

By phone, email, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

From Monday to Friday

and between 8am and 5pm 🙂

93% see an improvement

in coat, stool, joints, weight…

Get help when you need it

Practical advice, at the right time. That’s what our vets and nutrition experts have to offer concerned owners like you. Completely free of charge and online.

Food allergy

Itchy, diarrhoea, hair loss? Discuss food allergy symptoms with our experts. They will create a hypoallergenic compound for your dog or cat so he or she will be back in top form in no time!


Does your dog or cat look very cozy? Cute, but not healthy. So let our vets guide you with a slimming plan for an ideal weight. (We promise it won’t make your dog or cat hangry.)

Mopshond met overgewicht

Sensitive digestion

Put an end to constipation, smelly farts and vomiting. Have a vet make food for your dog or cat that improves his digestion rather than the other way around.

Picky eater

Does your dog or cat refuse to eat anything except for table scraps and snacks? Then you have a real foodie in the house. Get the best tips and tricks from our nutrition experts to get your pet back to eating fast.

They opted for complete peace of mind

Blij met nieuwe brokken
After my first order, I noticed that my dog’s stool had become very thin. After I contacted you, the feeding schedule was adjusted and we received new kibble. After one week of feeding the new kibble, I noticed that my dog’s bowel movements became firmer again. I was pleasantly surprised by the assistance I received from your team, thank you!
Nikita B.
Max is in betere vorm
Max had been overweight for a while so we decided to get in touch. We very quickly got help and a tailored plan for our dog. Even though the plan prescribed significantly less food than we used to give, he never seemed hungry. And honestly, he looks much better now!
Edward K.
Minder haaruitval bij slapende kat
My cat has been suffering from extreme hair loss for a long time. Therefore, I decided to contact them in person. In no time I got answers to my questions and the adapted food was ready. Most importantly: it works! The hair loss has been greatly reduced since the new food.
Emma J.

In 1-2-3 healthy food for your dog or cat

a customer completes the questionnaire on his smartphone

Tell us what we need to know about your dog or cat

Such as his or her age, weight, race and gender.


We develop a recipe tailored to your pet

Supervised and approved by veterinarians.


Your food delivered to your door for free

Because the owner also deserves the best care.

NEW: Free weight coaching for your dog or cat

60% of pets are overweight, a condition that can shorten your dog or cat’s life expectancy by 2.5 years. So get your pet back to its ideal weight now with free advice on diet and exercise from our vets.

Veterinarian Joy helps with your dog or cat's problem

A question about your delivery or payment?

For all your practical questions, you can call, e-mail or chat with our customer service. Whatever you find easiest.

10,889 healthy pets already thanks to a personalized feeding plan