Sensitive skin, stomach or intestines? This goes perfectly with grain-free dog food!

Because we want your dog to always look cheerful and healthy, our vets develop grain-free dog food according to your dog’s needs.

Hypoallergenic recipe

Without chemical flavouring, colouring or fillers

Grain- and gluten-free

For a stomach and skin in top condition

Developed by veterinarians

They know what is good for your dog

Free home delivery

To save you time, stress and money

Why grain-free dog food?

Because grains cause allergic reactions in many dogs. Think itching, rashes, inflammation, vomiting and diarrhoea. By simply switching to good dog food without grains, many of your dog’s worries will disappear like snow in the sun.

de beste graanvrije voeding voor je hond

Is grain-free dog food something for my dog?

Do you recognise these symptoms of grain allergy in your dog? Then natural grain-free dog food is your saviour.

1. Your dog has a difficult digestion

Grain is harder for dogs to digest. Itching, smelly farts, diarrhoea and vomiting are therefore typical symptoms of grain allergy in your dog.

hond heeft last van slechte stoelgang

2. Your dog has sensitive skin

Rashes, itching, flakes, red skin or even ear infections? Here too, grains can be the culprits and grain-free dog food offers a solution.

3. Your dog has low energy

All that scratching and pain in the belly will make your dog tired. Physically and mentally. Grain-free dog food can then help him become his energetic self again.

hond is triest en heeft weinig energie

Get your grain-free dog food formulated by vets


1. Tell us all about your dog in 3 minutes

Online, from the comfort of your own home

hond eet brokken graag

2. We identify nutritional needs

Because they know what is best for your dog


3. We deliver grain-free dog food to your home

You can also enjoy yourself without worries, right?

Get free advice from our vets

Are you in doubt whether your dog has a grain allergy? Or would you like more info on grain-free dog food? Then get in touch with our vets. That way you get advice exactly when you need it. What a relief!

A taste of the ingredients

What ingredients will your dog enjoy with his personalised dog kibble from Just Russel? We list a few for you:
Kip als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Important protein source with calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth
Zoete aardappel voor hondenvoeding

Sweet potato

Rich in vitamin A and potassium for healthy skin and muscles
Zalm als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
Kalkoen als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Nutritionally rich with protein, vitamin B and minerals for healthy growth
Eend voor hondenvoeding


Good source of protein and B vitamins for energy and muscle building.
Lam als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Is lighter on your dog’s stomach and digests better
Groene erwten als ingrediënt in hondenvoeding

Green peas

A source of vitamins, packed with minerals and rich in protein and fibre


Superfood for younger skin and protection against cell damage


Rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C for energy and healthy immunity
Bruine rijst voor hondenvoeding

Brown rice

Full-fat carbohydrates for energy and vitamin B for healthy metabolism


Rich in vitamin K, folic acid and iron for healthy blood formation and growth


Superfood with antioxidants for a healthy immune system

Antarctic krill

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain development and heart health
Visolie als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding

Fish oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy heart and brain function
Lijnzaad voor hondenvoeding


For healthy digestion and a shiny coat

Beet pulp

For good consistency of your dog’s stools
Geen kunstmatige toevoegingen in hondenvoeding

No artificial additives

Because that’s how it should be in any diet
Broccoli als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


For strong bones and higher bone density

What else you need to know about grain-free dog food


Why is grain-free dog food better?

Grain-free dog food is better because the quality is also often better and because it is more digestible for dogs. In fact, most dogs with digestive problems have trouble digesting grain.

In addition, traditional dog food brands use wheat or corn meal in their food as a cheap filler. Thus, they have to use lower-quality, expensive ingredients such as meat, vegetables and fruit. Which makes for poorer nutritional quality.

What are grains in dog food?

Wheat, maize, barley, oats and rye are the grains most commonly used in dog food. Mainly wheat and maize are used as cheap fillers that offer little added nutritional value in your dog’s diet, except calories 😉.

What does Just Russel use instead of grain in grain-free dog food?

Our dog food sometimes contains rice, but we replace it with potato, sweet potato and peas for our grain-free recipes.

Just to mention that we never use corn or wheat in our dog food, not even in our ‘normal’ dog food.

Is grain-free dog food also gluten free?

Yes, grain-free dog food is also gluten-free. Conversely, this is not always the case. So does your dog have a grain allergy? Then be careful with ‘gluten-free’ dog food!

These owners transformed their dog with grain-free dog food

Twee honden blij met JR
We hebben voor elk van ons honden een aparte zak met op maat gemaakte voeding en ze zijn er echt dol op. Ik merk dat hun vacht mooi blinkt en dat ze veel meer energie hebben! Ook de klantenservice werkt altijd super vlot! Het is ook zeer makkelijk om zelf de levering op te volgen of aan te passen.
Jana H.
Peps heeft geen huidproblemen meer
Ik vind het hele degelijke hondenbrokken. Onze hond heeft huidproblemen maar met deze voeding straalt zijn vacht als nooit tevoren. Ook de service en levering zijn buitengewoon goed. Kortom: super!
Kat R.
Franse bulldog heeft minder last
De voeding van Just Russel heeft mijn Franse bulldog enorm geholpen. We hebben gemerkt dat hij sinds de overstap minder last heeft van stinkende scheetjes, diarree en andere problemen. Hij lijkt de brokken ook echt super lekker te vinden want zijn bakje is altijd mooi leeg!
Alien N.

Frequently asked questions

If your dog has a grain allergy, it is important to avoid foods that contain grains as the main ingredient, such as wheat, barley, rye, maize and oats. You can consider choosing dog food that is gluten-free or grain-free and based on other protein sources, such as meat, chicken or turkey protein.

Sometimes, but not with us. Why?

Because we produce locally with Belgian ingredients and because we work without a middleman who takes margins like a supermarket or pet shop.

We want to give you a special bonus, so you can order your first packet of customised grain-free dog food with a 10% discount 😉. Calculate your personal price by clicking here.

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