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Curious about the greens, fruit and meat in your dog or cat’s kibble? You can find the full list in your account via the Just Russel app.

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Quickly grab another pack of healthy dog treats or an entertaining cat toy? Then add those via the app, because only there will you get a discount.

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Consult the ideal portion of food for your dog or cat in our app. Does the portion seem too small or large to you? Then you can adjust it there too.

Flexible pausing and postponing

For your convenience, we send you food at fixed intervals. So you never run out. Still have enough food for a while? Then you can pause or postpone your deliveries.

Save money

Choose a kilo discount in our app. How? By having more food delivered at a time or having food delivered for more than 1 pet. P.s. Also share your personal code with friends and family and earn €15 every time someone uses your code.

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Frequently asked questions about our app

You don’t have to download an app, the application is available as a web application by clicking here. It’s mobile friendly.

The app and service at Just Russel are completely free.

If your Just Russel app is not working, we recommend checking if your internet connection is stable. It is also easier to make adjustments via your computer. If you still have problems, contact Just Russel support for further help. We are constantly trying to improve our app.

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