A unique recipe, because your pet deserves customisation

Our vets make food tailored to the needs of your dog or cat. Sensitive stomach, dull coat, allergy, itching, overweight or difficult eater? You have come to the right place! With Just Russel, caring for your pet becomes worry-free.

Made by veterinarians

Because they know what’s best for your dog or cat, right?

Safe, natural ingredients

Fresh lamb, peas and blueberries? Only the best thanks to mother nature.

100% Belgian ingredients

Quality that you can trust

Free home delivery

To save you time, stress and money

In 2 weeks, a new, better chapter for your dog or cat

Enjoy a pet in tip-top shape with Just Russel. After just 2 weeks and for the rest of their life.

How does Just Russel work?

a customer completes the questionnaire on his smartphone

Tell us what we need to know about your dog

10 questions. 3 minutes of your time. Lifetime benefit.


We prepare your one-of-a-kind recipe

Our algorithm determines the right ingredients and portion.


Get your meals delivered at home for free

So you save time and money. Enjoy!

Your wallet deserves the best too

At Just Russel, we deliver directly to you. So you pay no margin to a pet shop or supermarket. And thus you save up to 30% on premium dog or cat food.


Maine Coon €0,80 Per dag


Dachshund €0,61 Per dag

Milo & Rex

Multiple cats €1,53€1,43 Per dag

Luna & Alfie

Multiple dogs €2,15€1,85 Per dag
“Finally dog and cat food that takes the owner into account.”
“This is the future of caring for your dog and cat.”
Healthier food for your pet and easier for the owner!
“They are the only grains he eats. I’m serious”

A taste of the ingredients

What ingredients will your dog enjoy with his personalised dog kibble from Just Russel? We list a few for you:
Kip als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Important protein source with calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth
Zoete aardappel voor hondenvoeding

Sweet potato

Rich in vitamin A and potassium for healthy skin and muscles
Zalm als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
Eend voor hondenvoeding


Good source of protein and B vitamins for energy and muscle building.
Kalkoen als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Nutritionally rich with protein, vitamin B and minerals for healthy growth
Witte rijst als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding

White rice

For natural and healthy fibres
Lam als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Is lighter on your dog’s stomach and digests easier
Groene erwten als ingrediënt in hondenvoeding

Green peas

A source of vitamins, packed with minerals and rich in protein and fibre


Superfood for younger skin and protection against cell damage


Rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C for energy and healthy immunity
Bruine rijst voor hondenvoeding

Brown rice

High-quality carbohydrates for energy and vitamin B for a healthy metabolism


Rich in vitamin K, folic acid and iron for healthy blood formation and growth

Antarctic krill

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain development and heart health
Visolie als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding

Fish oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy heart and brain function
Lijnzaad voor hondenvoeding


For healthy digestion and shiny coat


Superfood with antioxidants for a healthy immune system

Beet pulp

For good consistency of your dog’s stool
Geen kunstmatige toevoegingen in hondenvoeding

No artificial additives

Because that’s how it should be in any diet
Broccoli als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


For strong bones and higher bone density

93% of our pet owners see an improvement

“Since Max gets Just Russel, our and his life has changed. It gives us pleasure to see him eating full of flavour again without any stomach or skin discomfort. We also see that his coat is shinier, like when he used to be a puppy. We are finally enjoying our time together again instead of having to go to the vet every so often for medication for itching and nausea.”

– Sam A., owner of labrador Max.

lien op de beeck van blind getrouwd geeft just russel aan haar hond

Our vets help take care of your darling

With all your concerns or questions about your dog or cat’s diet, you can contact a Just Russel expert. Totally free of charge and via your favourite channel: by phone, email or via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

✉️ dierenarts@justrussel.com
☎️ +32 472 90 90 39

Extra love for your pet

Food is life, but with a game or refreshment you really complete your dog’s or cat’s life.

Every dog, cat and human part of our family

At Just Russel, the well-being of all dogs, cats and people is number one. Also that of those in need. That is why we support organisations and projects with a heart for four- and two-legged friends.

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