Help your pet lose weight thanks to natural diet food for dogs

As a loving dog owner, you want the best for your dog. And let obesity be precisely the worst thing for your pet’s health. The vets at Just Russel therefore developed tailor-made diet food to help your dog lose pounds.

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Free measuring cup

Because the right portion = the right weight

No feeling of hunger

Your dog doesn’t notice anything about his diet

Guided weight loss

Get advice and tips from nutrition experts

Free home delivery

To save you time, stress and money

Being overweight can cost your dog 2.5 years of his life

His quality of life also deteriorates dangerously. Read: increased risk of joint pain, urinary bladder stones, diabetes and overheating in warmer weather. This is a heavy burden to carry with you all your life, literally and figuratively.

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Feed your overweight dog not less, but smarter

In fact, it is dangerous to simply give your overweight dog less food. Because that also means less protein, vitamins and fibre he needs to stay healthy. A better solution: diet food tailored to his body and lifestyle. Here’s how it works:

Tell us more about your dog

Such as his weight, activity and lifestyle.


Our veterinarians

They wrote an algorithm to tailor a portion and nutrients.


Your personal nutrition plan

And no fear, with us your dog is always satisfied.

No more doubts about the right portion for your dog

In addition to diet food for your dog, our vets also calculate down to the gram how much your dog can eat. With your first delivery you get a free measuring cup so you no longer have to doubt whether your dog is eating too much. This way, your dog will lose weight efficiently and without hunger!

Our nutrition experts help your dog reach his ideal weight

Helping your dog lose weight can raise questions and doubts. Our vets and nutrition experts will therefore guide you throughout the weight-loss race. Even after that, we stay by your side to keep the pounds off your dog.

Do you know of another dog food brand with this free service? Neither do we!

A taste of the ingredients

What ingredients will your dog enjoy with his personalised dog kibble from Just Russel? We list a few for you:
Kip als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Important protein source with calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth
Zoete aardappel voor hondenvoeding

Sweet potato

Rich in vitamin A and potassium for healthy skin and muscles
Zalm als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
Eend voor hondenvoeding


Good source of protein and B vitamins for energy and muscle building.
Kalkoen als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Nutritionally rich with protein, vitamin B and minerals for healthy growth
Witte rijst als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding

White rice

For natural and healthy fibre
Lam als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


Is lighter on your dog’s stomach and digests better
Groene erwten als ingrediënt in hondenvoeding

Green peas

A source of vitamins, packed with minerals and rich in protein and fibre


Superfood for younger skin and protection against cell damage


Rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C for energy and healthy immunity
Bruine rijst voor hondenvoeding

Brown rice

High-quality carbohydrates for energy and vitamin B for healthy metabolism


Rich in vitamin K, folic acid and iron for healthy blood formation and growth


Superfood with antioxidants for a healthy immune system

Antarctic krill

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain development and heart health
Visolie als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding

Fish oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy heart and brain function
Lijnzaad voor hondenvoeding


For healthy digestion and a shiny coat

Beet pulp

For good consitence of your dog’s stools
Geen kunstmatige toevoegingen in hondenvoeding

No artificial additives

Because that’s how it should be in any diet
Broccoli als ingrediënt voor hondenvoeding


For strong bones and higher bone density

These dogs are slimmer and happier thanks to Just Russel diet food

Rated by Google as ‘Excellent’

What else you need to know about diet food for dogs

Our diet food for dogs contains lamb, salmon or chicken, supplemented with peas, spinach, blueberries and broccoli. The calorie value is also 20% lower than regular dog food.

But don’t worry: thanks to the quality of our meat, vegetables and fruit, your dog will always feel comfortably full. So your dog should never go hungry unnecessarily during his diet.

Curious about which ingredients we use for your dog specifically? Discover them in our analysis-tool.

Not with us 😉. We promise you the best price for premium diet food for your dog (up to 30% cheaper than other premium brands).

We can do that because we produce locally with Belgian ingredients AND because we work without a middleman who takes margin like a supermarket or pet shop.

Because we want to give you a bonus, you can order your first packet of diet food tailored to your dog’s needs 😉 with a 30% discount. Calculate your personal price here.

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Determine the BCS (Body Condition Score) – a bit like BMI for humans – to know if your dog is overweight:

Very lean – bones very visible, very little muscle mass, no layer of fat to be felt.

Very lean – bones very visible, very little muscle mass, no layer of fat to be felt.

Healthy weight – bones not visible but palpable, waist visible, thin fat layer palpable.

Overweight – bones not visible and difficult to feel, no waist, fat at neck and base of tail.

obese – thick layer of fat over bones, fat belly.

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