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Jolien van Busselen with her dog Zip

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Twee honden snuffelen in Just Russel doos
Unlike other dog foods, our dogs are really fans of this one. Our biggest dog does not digest all food equally well and often suffers from skin allergies. Thanks to Just Russel’s allergy-free food, those problems are gone.
Julie T.
Twee honden bij hun eten
After several failed attempts with other brands, I have at last found food that improves our dogs’ bowel movements. We are only a few days in and we can already see positive results! and it’s affordable too!
Kyra A.
Hond poseert met zak
Our puppy with multiple allergies tolerates Just Russell’s food perfectly. She is feasting like never before and the personalised bags are a nice extra. Finally found a solution completely tailored to her. We are big fans!
Hermien D.
Hond blij met zijn Just Russel eten
Since my dog has been eating your food, I notice that he loses less hair and has better bowel movements. It also tastes visibly good to him, something I never noticed with his previous kibble. So I am really super satisfied!
Jordy L.
Goedgekeurd door Flokki
Flokki really enjoys the food. His bowel movements are finally healthy and regular with this new food, so he has fewer complaints. The packaging with Flokki’s picture also makes it more fun.
Ingrid D.
Puppy naast Just Russel zak
After trying more than 10 different brands, Just Russel is the first brand that our puppy does not have saggy bowel movements with! Now she can finally thicken and strengthen. I also find it super easy to order the food. You really notice that you guys value customer service!
Ruth V.D.
Aangekomen puppy
Ralph refused eating the kibble we received from the breeder. Even at home, he hardly ate and was getting smaller and smaller. Because of his condition, we started to get seriously worried. I ordered customised kibble from you and he was immediately wild about it. We are very relieved that the kibble taste good to our pup and give him a chance to gain weight!
Elke C.
Puppy Milo
Finally our puppy Milo eats enough! He did not like the kibble we got from the kennel and only ate half of his portions. Now that we give him the customised food, he happily eats everything! Thank you Just Russel!!!
Nancy D.
Kat Bruce
We have not been using Just Russel’s cat food for very long, but so far we are very satisfied. Our cat visibly likes the food! The service is fantastic and the system is also super convenient. You are automatically sent a new bag when the current one is almost empty, very nice and handy!
Cynthia V.
Alvaro heeft een mooiere vacht
I was a bit sceptical at first, but my cat immediately loved the new food and started eating it right away. I noticed he had more energy and his coat shined more than before. However, the most striking thing was that he now always finishes his bowl, which was not always the case before.
Dirk M.
Zizou heeft een beter gewicht
It amazes me how big of an impact your food has had on my cat’s health. She always suffered from being overweight, but since we switched to Just Russel, she has reached a healthy weight for the first time. The included measuring cup also ensures that you can give exactly the right portion, super easy!
Emilie A.
Abby met doos JR
Fantastic service, super friendly people and price-quality really the best we have had in terms of food for Abby! Very happy with it and it takes away a lot of the hassle of never having to think about getting food. It just arrives at your door on time every month! I love it!
Melanie C.
Leo is blij met voer
We spent a long time looking for the right food for our Leo and tried a lot of brands. Now that we feed him Just Russel’s food, he finally has solid bowel movements again. And of course it’s super convenient that it’s delivered too!
Iona K.
Twee honden blij met JR
We have a separate bag of customised food for each of our dogs and they really love it. I notice that their coats shine beautifully and they have much more energy! The customer service always works super smoothly too! It is also very easy to track or adjust delivery yourself.
Jana H.
Peps heeft geen huidproblemen meer
I find it very good dog food. Our dog used to have skin problems but with this food his coat shines like never before. The service and delivery are also exceptionally good. In short: awesome!
Kat R.

Owner Eline & Beau

“I am so happy with Just Russel! I have finally found the perfect food for my dog. Just Russel’s personalised formula is tailored to my dog’s unique needs and home delivery is so easy. Moreover, the personalised support was great. I recommend Just Russel for anyone looking for the best food for their pet.”

– Eline M., owner of Beau

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