Ready for 100% peace of mind with a nutrition plan for your pet?

Never run out of food, automatic deliveries, flexible cancellation and food tailored to your dog or cat. That’s your worry-free future as a Just Russel family member.

Always free delivery
Always terminable
Always a healthy pet

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The benefits of a nutrition plan for your dog or cat

Save yourself time…

No time to go back-and-forth to the pet shop? Rest assured: at Just Russel you can order everything for your pet online and get it delivered at home.

… and money

With us, no middlemen taking margin on your food. This is how you get up to 30% cheaper premium food than with traditional brands. We also always deliver free to your door and you get a discount on all the fun and tasty extras for your dog or cat.

Never run out of food again

Our smart analysis-tool knows exactly how much your dog or cat eats and therefore when you are due for a new delivery of kibble. Before you would run out, the postman will ring your doorbell with new bags of custom-made food.

Kibble that grows with you

From puppy or kitten to senior dog or cat: your pet has different nutritional needs at every stage of life. We keep track of his age for you and automatically adjust the composition of his kibble so he never lacks nutrients.

Always in control

Have your dog or cat food delivered according to your schedule. Out of power for a while? Then you can delay or pause your deliveries at any time in the Just Russel-app.

Supervised care for your pet

Our veterinarians draw up your nutritional plan, but did you know that you can also contact them for free nutritional advice? This way we can take even better care of your pet together.

Contact them by phone or e-mail or chat quickly via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Whatever you prefer.

Unparalleled service and transparency. Value for money is also top-notch: after a lot of research, I concluded that the ingredients of even the big brand names can be disappointing. Just Russel on the other hand, scores very well. At first, I wasn’t eager to buy a subscription right away but it turns out to be really easy to pause it at any time. Now that we are three months in, I no longer put it on pause because the calculations come out perfectly!
Sofie L.
Jack is content
Our dog likes the food very much. It also feels good that the site allows us to pause delivery or cancel completely. We are very satisfied because now the food is just delivered to our doorstep every month. What a luxury and it is a Belgian product. Excellent!
Carine B.
Twee honden blij met JR
We have a separate bag of customised food for each of our dogs and they really love it. I notice that their coats shine beautifully and they have much more energy! The customer service always works super smoothly too! It is also very easy to track or adjust delivery yourself.
Jana H.

Curious about your nutrition plan?

Let us start with kibble tailored to your dog or cat. We are not only talking about the chunk size, but also about the composition and taste. 100% according to your pet’s needs. Discover more about it via the red buttons!

10,889 healthy pets already thanks to a personalized feeding plan